Want Better Knees? The smartest & fastest way to get them. Episode #12

Mar 22, 2022

Want Better Knees?

Today's video is all about the steps you can take to make your knees feel better with the Healthy Knees Formula.

I'm offering...

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The 4 TRUTHs about Knees Episode #11

Mar 21, 2022

Do you want to know the TRUTH about knees?

Watch this quick Healthy Knees For You Video that uncovers the 4 mistakes and truths about knees - it...

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Bike Comfort Tips Seat-Hands-Feet To Help You and Your Knees

Mar 10, 2022

Here is how to get more comfortable on your bike!

Download the FREE Bike Fit & Comfort Tips Checklist - so you know exactly what to do and...

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Episode #9 - Bike Fit to Save Your Knees

Mar 03, 2022

If your knees hurt - watch this video to learn how to set up your bike to save your knees. There are 4 bike adjustments to make and 4 mistakes to...

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Episode #8 Balance Training that Helps your Knees

Feb 24, 2022

Episode #8 Balance Training that Helps your Knees

Can you get better at balance?  and will it help your knees?

You bet you can, you bet it...

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Episode #7 What Happens During Total Knee Replacement

Feb 17, 2022

Episode #7 What Happens During Total Knee Replacement

Are you thinking about a Total Knee Replacement? Or have had one and want it explained a...

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Episode #6 Why your Knees Need your Mind

Feb 10, 2022

Episode #6 Why Your Knees Need Your Mind.

What in the heck is that supposed to mean?  

The point of today's video is that what you...

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Episode #5 How to Move More to Hurt Your Knee Less

Feb 03, 2022

Episode #5 How to Move More to Hurt Less

When your knee hurts, should you move it?

Find out more in today's video where we discuss how the right...

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Episode #4 Why you need to strength train these 4 areas for your knee

Jan 27, 2022

Episode #4 The 4 Pillars of Strength Training

In today's video we will cover how to strength train for the best results with your knee.  ...

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Episode #3 The BIGGEST mistake you might be making with your knees

Jan 20, 2022

Are you making this mistake?

Even though you think you are doing the right things, it could make your knees feel worse - not better.

It's a...

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