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Journey with us as we bike from coast to coast, Bellingham to Washington DC in a quest to see the country, meet fellow Americans, and raise money to do good in the world.

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Doing Good in the World.

It’s a bucket list item for sure…our idea of bicycle touring quickly morphed into an epic journey to ride our bikes from the Pacific Coast (Bellingham, WA)  to the Atlantic Coast on the other side of the country ...and raise money for charity.  And so it began – the mapping of our “Ride C2C” journey. Self-supported, self-guided.

Since we can’t just take 4 months off, we had to plan this trip in “4-week legs” – we ride as far as we get in 4 weeks and then, the following summer, start at that point to begin the next leg,  until we finally dip our tires into the Atlantic ocean.


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LEG #1 BEGAN JUNE 18, 2017 - COMPLETED.   Bellingham, WA to Great Falls, MT
Read our journal and see pictures here.

 LEG #2 started July 28, 2019 – COMPLETED.  Jackson, WY to Rapid City, SD
Read our journal and see pictures here.

We were delayed.  A year.  We made the route plans and were ready to roll summer of 2018 but our construction at the Bellingham Training & Tennis Club dealt us different cards.  All is Good!

Summer of 2019 has come and we were ready to pedal. Our layout of this beautiful natural beauty of leg is below:

  • Beginning in Jackson, WY in the Grand Tetons
  • Riding through Yellowstone National Park
  • Continuing east over the Bighorn Mountains with a summit pass of 9,666 feet
  • Still heading west across Wyoming's great basins
  • An amazing experience at Devil’s Tower (NE Wyoming) 
  • Into South Dakota and through the Black Hills National Park and Michelson Trail
  • A day loop ride to visit with Crazy Horse and our presidents at Mt. Rushmore
  • ….to finish at Rapid City, South Dakota

LEG #3…Started June 25, 2021 - COMPLETED. Sioux City, IA to Nashville, TN

Check out this leg of the journey, starting here

Another year delay. We packed up our bikes and shipped them to Sioux City (we will fly) to start leg #3.  We followed the "Lewis & Clark" Adventure Cycling Bike route south from Sioux City along the Missouri River, then across Missouri, connecting to the "Great Rivers South" route along the Mississippi and took a turn east toward the end so we could finish in Nashville, TN.

The most interesting part of this trip was the people we met along the way.  We expected the flat terrain through Iowa and were surprised at the intensity and quantity of the 8%-12% short climbs and descents through Missouri.  We thought that riding along a river (the Missouri) would be relatively flat.  Ha Ha! 

LEG #4 - June 21, 2023.  Louisville, Kentucky to Yorkton, Virginia - then to Washington DC to finish.  This will be our final leg in our Coast to Coast Ride Across America.  

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This epic journey deserved an epic goal: to raise $10,000 to help others.

If you like what we are doing, are glad you won’t be riding a bike for four weeks, want to live vicariously through our travels, or simply think we are crazy for doing this, I hope you’ll donate to one of our three organizations in whose work we strongly believe. - Robin & Doug


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