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Healthy Knees Total Knee Replacement

How to prepare for total knee replacement and recover so
you get the most out of your new knee.

#1 Best Seller on Amazon


Contemplating Total Knee Replacement Surgery? Already had one?

Of course you want the best possible results. Did you know that how you prepare for knee surgery makes a huge difference to your outcome?  If you go in to a surgery weak, you only come out weaker. 

Author Robin Robertson, with guest contributor Dr. Stephen Black, have written this simple book so that you have a plan to follow to create the best possible results for your knee replacement.

"I've had numerous surgeries and both of my knees replaced.  This is the best information you could have to prepare for and recover from your surgery." ~Robin


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Healthy Knees Strength is Here!

The 4-Point Method with an 8-Week plan to help your knees feel great again.

Finally, the solution you've been looking for that will help <not hurt> your knees.  Having stronger knees is about more than just muscle strength and Healthy Knees Strength shows you the 4-Point Method with an 8-Week plan that will have you feeling great.


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#1 International Best Seller on Amazon

Doctors often say to "ride a bike" for knee pain, but they don't tell you how.  Now you can learn the secrets that will save your knees and help you reduce knee pain, get stronger and feel free!

PURCHASE Healthy Knees Cycling


Get the equipment you need to keep your knees healthy at home or on the go!

Buy Healthy Knees Kit

The Healthy Knees Kit is a collaboration between Rollga and Anchor Point Training designed to provide useful tools for knee strengthening, stabilization, and recovery. The kit includes a royal blue standard Rollga Foam Roller, a Rollga Helo massage ball, a light Anchor Point Training unbreakable band (with sliding handle on strap), an Anchor Point Training Hi/Low door anchor strap, and an Anchor Point Training Medium Mini-Band.

Kit Price: $149 + tax & shipping

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Fit Simply Exercise Loop Bands

Set of 5 bands in varying resistance levels with carry/storage bag. These bands are great for beginners to advanced activities.  Comes with an instruction guide.

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