Week 11 - Are we THERE YET? Why the Frustration (a rant....)

Jan 27, 2018

I Have to Rant ...

That's it.  I'm done.

That look must have been on my face when I went to see Ted, my physical therapist.
"What's going on?"...

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Week 10 - Why descending stairs hurts...& how to conquer the stairs!

Jan 19, 2018

Does DOWN get you Down?


Friend or Foe?  I know for many who suffer from knee pain that walking up, or even worse, walking DOWN, can be...

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Week 9 Post op - Who's the BOSS? (surprise!)

Jan 13, 2018

Yes, it was another PT smackdown.

With the swelling from overdoing it last week, I'd lost a little in my range of motion and my physical therapist...

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Week 8 Post Op - The Good, the Bad, and Carrying On

Jan 04, 2018

THE GOOD NEWS... 51 Days after total knee replacement surgery and NO KNEE PAIN!

This was a day that I never thought could actually happen.


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Week 7 Post-Op: A glimpse of the promised land

Dec 31, 2017

7 Weeks Post-OP - Is THIS the promised land?

We all hear that party line - "6 weeks recovery" - but how recovered are you at 6 weeks and what...

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Total Knee Replacement before & after pictures + what it's like 6 weeks later

Dec 21, 2017

My 6 Week Visit with Dr. Thorpe

"6 Weeks" is the party line for recovery after a total knee replacement.  The reality?  There is still a...

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Week 6 Post Op: 2 big reasons why "Less is More" and the PT smackdown

Dec 21, 2017

Whoa there, not so fast.

There are TWO big reasons to not do too much too soon:  PAIN & SWELLING

Having a new knee is a whole new...

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Week 5 Post-op Knee Replacement: When Good Enough is NOT

Dec 14, 2017

On the whole, every week it gets a little better.  In fact, this last week, there were times where I did not think about my knee AT ALL! ...

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Week 4 Post Op Knee Replacement - a plateau

Dec 07, 2017

By all measures, me and my knee are coming along.  My biggest challenge this week is that I'm returning to more of a regular pattern of life...

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Week 3 Post Op Knee Replacement

Dec 02, 2017

A return to the land of the living...

I'm feeling like I'm coming out of the fog and that I can start to make a return to regular life.

I returned...

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