Get the Save Your Knees Cheatsheet - 3 Essential Elements to alleviate knee pain that you can do now

Mar 06, 2020

People often ask me what is the most important thing they can do to relieve knee pain? 

Of course, the answer is dependent on your...

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What is a Baker's Cyst? And what happened when mine burst...

Feb 26, 2020

I've never had a Baker's Cyst until post total knee surgery.  And I didn't know they could burst!  Boy-howdy does it hurt.  A burst...

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My Knee Journey - I pushed it and I'm paying (11 weeks post-op total knee replacement)

Feb 05, 2020

In my defense, I will start by saying that you don't know where the boundary is until you push the line.

Even though I knew that it probably...

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Interview with Dr Thorpe, Orthopedic Surgeon, about knees, pain, and recovery

Jan 29, 2020

Get your knee questions answered!  I hope you will enjoy this re-play of our most popular post ever ...

My conversation with Dr. Michael...

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Got creaky knees? Try these 7 Go-To Knee Range of Motion Moves to ease your knee pain

Jan 22, 2020

Are your knees creaky? 
Try these 7 Knee Range of Motion Moves

Try one of these 7 range of motion exercises to loosen up and even improve...

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Harvard Medical School agrees...the 3 best things to do to Age Proof your Knees

Jan 15, 2020

The 3 Best Things to Do to "Age Proof" Your Knees

Want to reduce your knee pain and gain confidence that every step will feel good (not...

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Take this "Knee Survey" and you could win the "Healthy Knees Formula" program! (value over $380)

Jan 08, 2020

Hey There!

"HEALTHY KNEES FORMULA" (online program) is coming...

and you can WIN IT simply by completing the Knee Survey. 


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Best Butt Muscle Relief Ever

Nov 18, 2019

Hey Hey!

This is my favorite release ever for a deep pelvic muscle called the Piriformis that can get very tight from doing a lot of...

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Who wants to make their knees stronger and reduce pain?

Oct 30, 2019

Want to make your knees stronger? 

I DO!  I'm now 3 weeks away from my right total knee replacement surgery and am focused on becoming as...

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When Knee Replacement is the right Choice - big announcement #2

Oct 03, 2019

It's not as emotional this time around, but it is still a BIG decision.  I'm not as scared and I know what to expect.

I'm moving ahead with...

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