Got creaky knees? Try these 7 Go-To Knee Range of Motion Moves to ease your knee pain

Jan 22, 2020

Are your knees creaky? 
Try these 7 Knee Range of Motion Moves

Try one of these 7 range of motion exercises to loosen up and even improve your knee range of motion.  Why is range of motion important?  It's how far you can bend your knee and makes a difference when you walk and in daily activities like sitting in a chair or stepping over an obstacle.

I'm 2 years + 2 months post-op for my left knee Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and just 2 months post-op for my right knee TKR.  So range of motion is definitely on my mind!

I put together a set of 7 ROM exercises for you to try. Of course if you are under the care of a doctor or physical therapist, follow their advice!  These are just a few additional moves that may help sooth your knee.


If you'd like a printed version of the 7 exercises, complete with pictures, click here!

The ONE move I did not include (that I absolutely love) is using a stationary bike to work your range of motion.   If you cannot complete a full pedal stroke because of limits to your range of motion, you can work with the bike to help you.  Just rock up and down on the lower half of the pedal circle and with time you should be able to come up and over.  It usually happens backwards pedaling first.  No worries! 

Just make sure your seat height is properly set so that when your pedal is at the bottom, you have about a 25-35 degree bend in your knee.  I tell you all about how to use a bike for knee rehabilitation, strengthening, and joy in my book "Healthy Knees Cycling".   Riding a bike helps to make your knees juicy!

You can print out the pdf for your own copy of  "7 Go-To Knee Range of Motion Moves."  Get it here!

To your healthy & happy knees,

~Coach Robin

Robin Robertson
Owner: Bellingham Training & Tennis Club
Founder: Healthy Knees Coach
Author: Healthy Knees Cycling...(& Healthy Knees Strength is coming spring 2020)




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