Ride C2C #4 - Day 5: Berea to Booneville

Jun 28, 2023

Date:6/27/23 Tuesday
Day: 5
Route: Berea to Booneville, Kentucky
Miles: 50.3 and 3,291 feet of elevation gain
Total Miles: 204.4
MyZone MEPs: 678


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Ride C2C #4 - Day 4: Berea KY rest day

Jun 26, 2023

Day: 4
Route: Rest Day in Berea at "OH! Kentucky campground"
Miles: 0
MyZone MEPs: 0

It was a frightening storm through the night. ...

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Ride C2C #4 - Day 3: Harrodsburg to Berea

Jun 25, 2023

Date: 6/25/23
Day: 3
Route: Harrodsburg to Berea, Kentucky
Miles: 50.9 with 3,203 feet elevation gain
Total Miles: 154.1
MyZone MEPs: 755

Quote of the...

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Ride C2C #4 - Day 2: Bardstown to Harrodsburg (Beaumont Inn)

Jun 24, 2023

Date: 6/24/23
Day: 2
Route: Bardstown to Harrodsburg
Miles: 46 HILLY!  3,314 feet elevation gain with a 15% hill

Total Miles: 98.7
MyZone MEPs:...

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Ride C2C #4 - Day 1: Louisville to Bardstown - My Kentucky Home Camping

Jun 24, 2023

Date: 6/23/23
Route: Louisville to Bardstown, Kentucky
Miles: 57.2
MyZone MEPs: 854

We rose at 6:00 am and fuddled our way through getting...

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Ride C2C #4 - Day 0: Louisville Prep and what we forgot

Jun 24, 2023

6/24/23 Thursday, Day 0, Louisville

In the morning, we repacked all our stuff to create our shopping list for the day and make sure we had...

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Ride C2C #4 - 2 Days Prior: Landing in Louisville and finding Chicken & Bourbon

Jun 24, 2023

2 Days Prior: Landing in Louisville and finding Chicken & Bourbon

Date: 6/21/23 

Thanks to our friend Matt Iwersen who gave us a lift to...

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2022 Healthy Knees Video List - your links to 46 videos

Jan 21, 2023

Happy New Year!

I hope you and your knees are feeling healthy and happy!

Here is the review of all of the "Healthy Knees For You" Videos that I...

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Episode 46 Knee Pain Relief Injections: PRP & Stem Cell

Dec 15, 2022

Today we are wrapping up our interviews with Dr. Thorpe, (now retired) orthpedic surgeon (who performed 10 of my 12 knee surgeries),...

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4 Knee Pain Injections & What they Do #2: Hyaluronic Acid

Dec 08, 2022

Hyaluronic Acid injections are supposed to help lubricate the inside of your knee and reduce knee pain, but do they work?   

Today you...

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