Ride C2C #4 - Day 2: Bardstown to Harrodsburg (Beaumont Inn)

Jun 24, 2023

Date: 6/24/23
Day: 2
Route: Bardstown to Harrodsburg
Miles: 46 HILLY!  3,314 feet elevation gain with a 15% hill

Total Miles: 98.7
MyZone MEPs: 691


Today had  Beautiful quiet roads with sweeping views when we were high and serene farming valleys when we were low.

After a night of not much sleep - loud traffic on a nearby road, other campers playing music, ants that got in through a zipper I had not quite closed (rookie tent mistake) and the drunk party guys with the RVs, 6am came awfully early this morning (plus, still getting used to “East coast” time.).

We don’t yet have our morning routine machine working very smoothly… Doug makes breakfast, I stow the sleeping bag and tent.  We do our bathroom thing, check map & route, set up our bikes. We can usually do this all in about one hour, but it took us almost 2 this morning so we didn’t depart until about 7:50am.  Overcast sky’s and about 70-75 degrees is perfect.


We were soon on a side road that had at least 6 “SLF” (steep little F…arts) hills of 9 - 12% grade.  It felt way too early in the day and way to early on the ride to have these serious climbs thrown at it.  But pedal… we did. 

Typically we stop about every 10 miles for a snack or a drink of Gatorade. 

These hills were getting to us!  We have now met up with the “Trans-America” route 76 bicycle route that we will follow for the rest of the way to the Atlantic coast.


In the first town, Springfield,

my tummy was growling, my energy was lagging,  and I thought we needed a bit more food than an energy bar.  So we found this cute restaurant for some OJ, eggs and potatoes. 

This also happens to be the birth town of Abraham Lincoln.

We decided to follow highway 152 instead of the trans-America bike route , skipping Lincoln’s birth place, to knock off 6 miles. I wish I was in a bit better condition for this ride because the miles are wearing on me! 

this sign cracked us up

So we thought a little shorter day - considering that the temp was now 85 degrees + - was a good plan.


Over hill over dale, more beautiful views along the way.

We came to Mackville and cracked up at the sign that said “congested area” because…. Were WERE all the cars?  Quick break at the Community center for a Gatorade.


More quiet - long rolling hill roads.


Another rest stop - with some fuel.  Doug was feeling like his tank was empty.

It was just over 3 miles to Harrodsburg and the beautiful Beaumont Inn.  200 year old school for girls from 1895 to 1915 is now a hotel with very beautiful furnishings. 
Colonel and Mrs. Smith owned and ran the school with a motto "exalted character, graced by elegant culture, and refined manners"

We arrived at about 2:30pm - hot, sweaty, tired, ready for a shower - not at all feeling, refined or elegant, but may be a little exulted because we completed the ride and get to stay at this beautiful home. Doug walked to Krogers grocery to pick up supplies while I am writing to you!



i'm standing outside of our beautiful Belmont inn and the fire flies are lifting up out of the grass, sprinkling a little magic into the night.



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