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Jan 21, 2023

Happy New Year!

I hope you and your knees are feeling healthy and happy!

Here is the review of all of the "Healthy Knees For You" Videos that I posted in 2022.  

I hope you find them helpful to you. If there is a knee subject that I did not cover, please send me an email and I'll make a video about it and get it posted!

I wish you all the best in 2023,


Robin Robertson
[email protected]

EPISODE   NAME                                                                    YOUTUBE LINK

#1 Got knee pain? Check out this new Healthy Knees for You Video series with Robin Robertson https://youtu.be/fj_rKjD64Jg
#2 How the Knee Works and Likely Causes of Knee Pain https://youtu.be/FaWVj8comos
#3 The Biggest Mistake you Might Make for Your Knees https://youtu.be/89I1DBim-6I
#4 The 4 Pillars to Make your Knees Stronger https://youtu.be/OU3JyCyd1zw
#5 How to Move More to Hurt Less https://youtu.be/of1rZEFz5ms
#6 Why your Knees Need Your Mind https://youtu.be/o3Qq5DX5QmM
#7 What Happens During a Total Knee Replacement Surgery https://youtu.be/-TnZKd36j-M
#8 Improve your Balance and Help your Knees https://youtu.be/dFz2noNHyvI
#9 How to Adjust your Bike to Save Your Knees https://youtu.be/etsnAlOLrIA
#10 Healthy Knees Bkie Comfort Tips for Seat, Feet, Hands https://youtu.be/FOuowPGYNVA
#11 The 4 Truths about Knees https://youtu.be/CSrBfJDc5Xs
#12 Want Better Knees? Here's the Smartest and Fastest Way to Improve Knee Health https://youtu.be/p9oQo0VoeB0
#13 Is Hydration Good for Knees? https://youtu.be/FvilFD5-OMM
#14 How to Warm Up Your Knees with Dynamic Stretching...and Then Some https://youtu.be/kZyxGDXqNaI
#15 What to Do if you Have a Setback with Your Knees https://youtu.be/Uk3OZiJoypA
#16 How to Strengthen your Quadriceps and Strengthen your Knee https://youtu.be/Bap44UAhwpw
#17 How to Strengthen you Hamstrings to Help Your Knee https://youtu.be/zd2FNQ576CI
#18 Should you Buy a Stationary Bike or Trainer to Save Your Knees? https://youtu.be/-8WSic0D6FA
#19 7 Knee Range of Motion Exercises to Improve Knee Mobility https://youtu.be/zgPDgmSWXtA
#20 How to Set Your Priorities (and Benefit Your Knees) https://youtu.be/Upf-E11jvgs
#21 Why and How to Use a Foam Roller to Soothe Your Knees https://youtu.be/Upf-E11jvgs
#22 How do you Know if it is Time for a Total Knee Replacement (TKR)? Interview with Dr. Thorpe, Part 1 https://youtu.be/QtgAzCGiVbY
#23 How do you Know if it is Time for a Total Knee Replacement (TKR)? Interview with Dr. Thorpe, Part 2 https://youtu.be/olrR-sa5uLI
#24 Should you wait for a Total Knee Replacement? Part 3 of 3 interview with Dr. Thorpe https://youtu.be/1I2s6woQw94
#25 Knee Replacement "Custom" vs "Off the Shelf" https://youtu.be/b3hV-FqzBeA
#26 What do you want to know about your Knees https://youtu.be/QhDVBsv5nYQ
#27 The 3 Biggest Mistakes you can make with a Total Knee Replacement and how to avoid them https://youtu.be/lcWEzuqz3gU
#28 Reduce Knee Pain with these 5 Side Leg Exercises https://youtu.be/-w2wmuvsm8I
#29 How to Reduce Knee Pain with Hip Bridges - 6 basics + 5 advanced + Bonus https://youtu.be/cGHJGCVaO18
#30 How to Make your BIKE SEAT more comfortable https://youtu.be/Z_tk0Uv75pc
#31 Custom VS Off the Shelf Total Knee Replacement - Part 1 Interview with Dr. Thorpe https://youtu.be/Tfxz5UL4YLc
#32 Episode #32 Part 2 Custom VS Off the Shelf Total Knee Replacement, Interview with Dr. Thorpe https://youtu.be/WcuTK9ZrYs0
#33 How to Release Your Piriformis Muscle - Reduce Knee Pain https://youtu.be/j4c09wpNa_Q
#34 Try trigger point stretch for your calf to reduce knee pain https://youtu.be/YpQm5wI9HAY
#35 Do this 5 Stretch Series to Soothe your Knees, Hips, Calves https://youtu.be/7dZYPfHfNQI
#36 So you want to make a CHANGE - you need to know this https://youtu.be/gyHTEUT-4Fs
#37 Arthritic Knee - should you put off a total knee replacement? https://youtu.be/zVsFjD2xRHs
#38 Save Your Knees Workshop - Reserve your seat! https://youtu.be/j0aAH5JZ31A
#39 The 4 Keys to Reduce Knee Pain and Get Stronger Knees https://youtu.be/cShtixtC21U
#40 The TRUTH about Fixing your Knee: Quick Fix, Injections, & Supplements https://youtu.be/TIi5tF7pL3A
#41 The 3 Most Common Knee Surgeries and What you Need to Know about them https://youtu.be/YCMkHhKctoc
#42 Knee Pain Relief: Medications, ice & heat, bracing. Dr. Thorpe interview Part 2 of 3. https://youtu.be/twR8j6w_Ctg
#43 Why I'm Thankful for my Bad Knees https://youtu.be/AjHg7NtiNeU
#44 4 Knee Pain Relief Injections: #1 Cortisone (part 1 of 3) https://youtu.be/QG9jHrxUWt8
#45 4 Knee Pain Relief Injections: #2 Hyaluronic Acid (Synvisc, Orthovisc, etc) Part 2 of 3 https://youtu.be/1HS-7s9arl8
#46 4 Knee Pain Relief Injections: PRP & Stem Cell - Do they work? (Part 3 of 3) https://youtu.be/xSBJP16Px0E



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To your Healthy and Happy Knees