How to strengthen your Hamstrings to help your Knees

Apr 28, 2022

Hamstrings are the muscles on the back of your thighs that are responsible for bending your knee.

They are often overlooked in training - so...

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How to stengthen your Quadriceps and strengthen your knees

Apr 21, 2022

The strength of your quads is so important to your knee health!

Your quadricep muscles are the front of thigh muscles that are responsible for...

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Episode #3 The BIGGEST mistake you might be making with your knees

Jan 20, 2022

Are you making this mistake?

Even though you think you are doing the right things, it could make your knees feel worse - not better.

It's a...

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Get the Save Your Knees Cheatsheet - 3 Essential Elements to alleviate knee pain that you can do now

Mar 07, 2020

People often ask me what is the most important thing they can do to relieve knee pain? 

Of course, the answer is dependent on your...

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