Learn what you can do at home to help your knees feel better

Feb 11, 2021


If you want to know what you can do AT HOME, RIGHT NOW to help your knees feel better, then you won't want to miss these upcoming workshops where I go in depth to help you with your knees.


I was born with a crappy pair of knees, have had 12 knee surgeries (Yikes!) - including both knees replaced, and it is now my mission to help you and your knees back to good health.  Throughout all of those knee surgeries, I was able to recover and return to an active and healthy life that supported the good (as it could be) health of my knees.

2 FREE WORKHOPS February 16-25

If you have knee pain and want to know what you can do right now, at home, to start making your knees feel better, reserve your seat for:

Reduce Knee Pain Workshop: https://www.healthykneescoach.com/HKWorkshopRegistration

If you've been told you need your knee(s) replaced or suspect you might be on that path, reserve your seat for:

Kajabi TKR Workshop Reg page:

These are simple solutions that applied consistently will help reduce (or eliminate) knee pain.  I learned them the hard way (through all those surgeries, trial & error, research) and want to give you the shortcut to to feeling better.

When you click "RESERVE MY SEAT" you'll see the choices for days and times.  The workshops are offered from February 16-25 - with limited online seating so that I can get to all the Q & A live at the end.  

See you there!

To your Happy & Healthy Knees,

~Coach Robin

Robin Robertson

Founder:  Healthy Knees Coach
Best Selling Author: Healthy Knees Books
Owner:  Bellingham Training & Tennis Club





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To your Healthy and Happy Knees