LAST WEEK! Lesson #4 Knee Strength Mini Series - get 3 different kinds of stretches

May 07, 2020

Healthy Knees Strength 4-Point Method: #4:  Stretch & Release Techniques

Last but not least in our 4-Point method for strong knees is stretch and release.

Regular stretching helps prepare your muscles for the work to come and to help improve flexibility and range of motion in your joints.  Stretches should always be done on each leg. When you stretch, notice any imbalances between your legs – is it easier/harder on one leg than the other?

The Healthy Knees Strength Book offers the 11 most important stretches for your knees.  These stretches are divided in three categories.

Dynamic Stretches: means you are moving through the stretch positions. It is a great way to prepare your muscles for the activity ahead.  We use it to warm-up your hips and knees

Static Stretches:  means you hold the stretch position. To have the best results, static stretching should be done after you have warmed up or post exercise.  We suggest holding each stretch from 30 seconds to two minutes. 

Release Techniques:  The current literature measuring the effects of self-myofascial release is still emerging. Fascia is a web of connective tissue that covers every internal structure of the body. I included foam rolling in the Healthy Knees Strength book because I’ve personally had so much relief from performing regular rolling on my own legs.

The trigger point method places pressure on a sensitive or sore spot in a muscle so that when the pressure is released, the muscle relaxes.  Foam rolling and trigger point can be done either pre-or post-exercise.

In our final mini-series video, I’ll show you a dynamic stretch, static stretch, and release technique for your hip.  Why the hip and not the knee? Well, you’ll have to read the book for our secrets for your knee 😉AND the hip is just as important when getting ready to do any movement and after exercise when you are cooling down.  Many of your thigh muscles are connected through to your hip and tight hips can cause knee pain.

Stretch Techniques (dynamic, static, and release techniques)

             Dynamic Stretching – hip hurdles

             Static Stretching – Hamstring 

             Release Techniques – Piriformis ball under butt

I think you'll feel great after practicing these techniques.

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