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If you suffer from knee pain, this freebie is for you!

Your knees need movement to keep lubricated and strong... but not just any movement.  Your knees need the RIGHT exercises and care now more than ever. 

In this FREE mini-series, I'm sharing 4 starter exercises from our Healthy Knees Strength book that you can do at home.  Whether you've been sitting a bit too long, dealing with more pain than usual, or fed up with constant knee pain, this is for you!

Most people don't know what to do to strengthen their knees without causing more pain or damage.    You'll discover the surprise is that it is NOT just about your knees.

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FREE 4-Week Mini Series with Simple, Helpful Exercises for your Knees

You'll get the first lesson immediately and then 1 lesson each week for the next 3 weeks. 

Each lesson comes with a video and description of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Practice these surprising and simple ways to start making your knees feel better!

Plus *Bonus* we'll stay in touch with our Healthy Knees News so you have the best info on how to help your knees.

4 Knee Pain Relief Lessons in 4 Weeks
Simple.  Helpful. And These Exercises WORK.

I'll send you the first one right away!

Movement Foundations

You'll be surprised by this move to help break apart bad habits, strengthen weak muscles, and improve posture! 

Balance Training

Use it or lose it! Practice this basic balance move every day to help prevent falls and feel more stable.  I'll show you how to advance. 

Strength Training

Muscle development for your knees starts at your feet and ends at your core.  We'll start with a functional move in the middle.

Stretch Techniques

Regular stretching to maintain flexibility includes dynamic, static, and release techniques. Get immediate relief from this move.

The Plan You've Been Hoping for to Help Your Knees Feel Better!

It's here! 

This is the "how to" book you've been waiting for - so you can STOP doing the things that hurt your knees and be confident to in doing things that will make your knees feel good.

Healthy Knees Strength includes an 8-week plan that you can follow along with access to a complimentary guide and pictures.

Coming next...Healthy Knees Total Knee Replacement.  If you are considering a knee replacement or have had one and want better results, we have a plan for you!


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 I know knee pain and with 12 knee surgeries of my own, I understand what it is like to feel discouraged. Living a life with knee pain propelled me to help others avoid it. With 20 years in the fitness industry as a gym owner, personal trainer, cycling coach, and Healthy Knees books author, I'm sharing my most important lessons and research about knee health to help you get relief.

Simply sign up for the 4-week mini series and discover 4 techniques to start helping your knees right away. Healthy and happy knees will help you be ready to get back to doing the things you love.

~Robin Robertson
(pictured with my husband on our mountain bike trip around Mt. Hood)

Owner:  Bellingham Training & Tennis Club 
Founder: Healthy Knees Coach
Author: Healthy Knees Cycling (Amazon International Best Seller)
Coming soon:  Healthy Knees Strength

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