How to set up your bike to protect your knees

Mar 21, 2020

Ever feel like your bike is not set up quite right?  Or maybe you just want to double check?

If you've never had a bike fit before, I highly recommend that you download this easy to follow checklist that shows you how to set up your bike:

  • Seat Height (too high can cause back of knee pain, too low can cause top of knee pain
  • Seat Fore Aft (too far away can cause back pain, too close is MOST risky with front of knee pain
  • Handlebar height for comfort
  • Tips on body position to feel good

I hope you enjoyed the Bike Fit video and figured that it might be a lot of information to remember, so I created the free bike fit checklist download so you know exactly what to do!

To your Healthy & Happy Knees,

~Coach Robin

Robin Robertson
Founder: Healthy Knees Coach
Author: Healthy Knees Cycling (Healthy Knees Strength coming soon!)
Owner: Bellingham Training & Tennis Club



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To your Healthy and Happy Knees