What to do for an arthritic knee - and workshop announcement!

Sep 15, 2022

In Episode #37, I tackle a question from Subscriber Heather H: 

"I'd love more specifics on how to live with an arthritic knee that is not yet enough bone on bone for a replacement. Am I better off trying to put off a replacement for years or ???"  

Watch this video now


to hear about the mistakes people make and the right kinds of things to do - and my own story of living with arthritis and staying healthy and active (and pictures of my epic bicycle trip!)  

This topic inspired me so much that I have created the "3 Secrets to Save Your Knees" Workshop - you can sign up for it here:  


These live workshops will include a Q & A at the end.

I will record the workshop and send a replay link if you cannot attend "live". 

Tuesday October 11 @ Noon (PST) 
Wednesday October 12 @11am (PST) 
Thursday October 13 @ 10am (PST)  

Healthy Knees For You- Where we share the secrets, steps, and savvy for you reduce - or eliminate- your knee pain so you can live life to the fullest. New videos posted every week on Thursdays. 

See you next week! ~Robin


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