Week 3 Post Op Knee Replacement

Dec 02, 2017

A return to the land of the living...

I'm feeling like I'm coming out of the fog and that I can start to make a return to regular life.

I returned to work half-time this week with Thursday marking 3 weeks post -op.   My PT (I'm working with Ted Molasky and Tory

Lingbloom at Fyzical) has allowed me 5 - 10 minute walks, using a cane if needed.  I also saw Dr. Thorpe for my 2 week post op (at 18 days) and he let me know my cane is far too tall for me and I might just be getting a good tricep workout.  That's ok, my cane has style - it was my dad's and is a bent bamboo shaft with carvings - I'm not giving that baby up.

Here are the things that I learned this week:  Every day brings a little more recovery, but some days aren't as good as others.

  1. Starting to feel Human Again - getting enough energy that the rest of my body is aching and ready to get back to physical activity.  At least I'm getting ready for it!
  2.  Now is the important time to keep up with the PT - its really easy to slack off.
  3. Dreams are starting to come true 0-120 degrees (my goal is 135)
  4. Bad reaction to ibuprofen (and so I had to stop).  Now just taking Tylenol, baby aspirin, and one pain pill if needed at night time.
  5. Starting weight bearing exercises - mini squats, side leg lifts, heel lifts, and a balance challenge.
  6. Unwelcome Surprise - I have clunking in my knee, but Dr. Thorpe tells me that is normal.  There is a lateral little wiggly-ness as my muscles turn back on and understand what to do.  I notice it mostly at night as I roll from my back to my side.

Check out the progress for yourself with this video...plus a few more tid bits....

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