Wanna peek in my panniers?

Jun 21, 2017

6/17/17 1 Day Prior to departure

Deciding what to take on a 4 week bicycle trip is more about deciding what not to take. We have to carry all of our gear...so while we want all the luxuries of home, we certainly don’t want to tow all that extra weight every day.

Let’s start with weight:
Here’s me - weighing in at 127lbs (with my cycle shoes on)

Robin @ 127 lbs

Here’s my bike - a Salsa Marakesh with full racks (and a bell!) - weighing in at 34 lbs.

"The Juice" at 34lbs

We add on two front panniers and two rear panniers plus the sleeping bag and solar panel on top of our back rack.

Me and the bike weighing in at 199.6 lbs (but then I added on incidentals).

Me, bike, gear = 199.6lbs. UGH!

So, the bike and gear is about 75lbs.

Doug also carries the tent on his rack. Our stuff is about 40 lbs - Doug carries more with the tent, tarp, cooking gear for about 50 lbs.

Here’s our stuff -
Shower kit

2 toothbrushes with caps
Nail clippers
Nail file
cotton pads
cotton swabs
2 razors (his and hers)
Deet insect repellent
liquid soap
Body lotion
Excedrin migraine
fish oil
face cream

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Eye drops
anti-itch cream
bag balm
emergency blanket
mole skin
Iodine cleanser
gauze pads


Kitchen Kit

2 melamine plates
2 Tony the Tiger bowls
1 set nesting pots (2 pots w lids, 1 fry pan, a wash bin holder)
Big spoon
Cultlery knife fork spoon
Sharp knife

Cutting board
Pot holder
Tea towel
Scrub cloth & sponge
Primos power gas stove & spare small can gas
Katadyn water filter
2 coffee mugs
Starbucks French roast coffee
Pour over filter & paper liners
Dawn dish soap
Pam spray olive oil
2 utility knives
Spices: salt, pepper, Italian, Mexican, lemon pepper
Zip lock bags: 5 gallon; 5 quart
Kitchen bag to pack it up

Technology and misc

Technology stuff

iPad & keyboard case
Various charger cords
Garmen edge 1000 bike odometer and techno geek stuff
2 I phones
2 headlamps
my zone heart rate chest strap
Trigger point ball
Laundry line and laundry soap
Lanyard for iPhone so I can take pictures while riding with phone attached to handlebar
Multi USB plug is we have power
Nomad 7 Solar panel and battery pack
Map northern tier bike route
iPhone tri-pod stand


Robin's clothes...Doug's are similar minus the dress and skirt and other girl things.

1 Pants
1 Skort
1 Nuu-Muu Dress
2 Tech Short Sleeve Shirts
1 Smart Wool Pullover
3 Pair Socks
1 Tank Top (triples as under layer, tank, and swim top)
1 Swim bottom
Hankerchief & headband
1 Down coat (squishable)
Flip Flops for showering
3 Pair undies
2 Sport bras, 1 regular
arm warmers
2 pair bike shorts
2 bike jersies
2 pair bike gloves: 1 short finger, 1 long
1 towel

NOT SHOWN:  Tool Kit with 4 spare tubes, patch kit, metal tire levers, spokes, spare cables, mini-tool, chain break, cassette nut, wrenches, screwdriver, oil, spoke wrench.


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