Try this knee stabilizing exercise

Dec 03, 2020

I'm sharing one of my favorite knee stabilizer exercises with you called the "Step Down Heel Tap" (well, at least that is what I call it). 

This one takes concentration to move slowly with control. 

Start with a low step.

When the low step is "easy", progress to a taller step.  I love these benches because each riser you add is about 4 inches.  So if you can use an aerobics bench like this, all the better!

Do not put your weight on your heel when you tap down.  Just keep control and touch your heel to the ground, then return to standing straight up.  

Hint:  Be sure to hinge deeply at your hips as you do this move.

The primary muscles you are using are your gluteus (butt) and quadriceps (front of thigh).  This helps with knee stability because you are building the strength of your quads and glutes and working fine motor control with the balance required as you do the move.

~Coach Robin
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