7/10/17 Ride C2C - What we fixed with Duct Tape and notes to self for next year

Jul 24, 2017
  • These are some "notes to self" for next year.

Bring DUCT TAPE!  (We bought some on Day 2)

Things Fixed with Duct Tape:

  1. Shnozzle air pump bag for air mattress - without duct tape we could not inflate our mattress.
  2. Bottom of Purse - from Vietnam
  3. Doug’s Bham sticker (kinda stuck)
  4. 2 Books - they were falling apart.

Fancy zebra duct tape

What we don’t need to pack:

  1. Sleeping shirt
  2. Slotted spoon
  3. 2 non-riding shirts (only 1 needed)
  4. Nuu-muu dress was too short to be functional at campground - a little longer would be better - or a pair of “boy shorts” bathing suit bottoms that I could wear with it
  5. Long tights
  6. Only 2 pair socks - 1 wool, 1 not wool
  7. Just 2 pair undies
  8. Don’t have to have flip-flops and sandals (forget the flip flops)
  9. Don’t need cotton wipes or cotton swabs
  10. Bring ¼ of a bottle of dish soap in a smaller squeeze bottle
  11. Laundry line (use rope instead)
  12. Garmin?  Was really useful 1 time, sucked a lot of energy.  Take it, not mounted, as a backup for GPS?  Have a different monitor (like Doug’s) mounted.
  13. No booties, no toe covers

What we wanted or loved

  1. Better salt & pepper shaker (they leaked)
  2. Ground Tarp was good (bring again)
  3. Down coats great (and for pillow stuffer)
  4. Bring 2 different types of bike shorts (to alter the saddle sores)
  5. 2 not-jersey shirts (Doug loved his) - or loose jerseys for air flow
  6. Lighter
  7. Hot pad
  8. Plastic cutlery in handlebar bag
  9. iPhone leash - attached to my handlebar so that I could pull out my phone to take pictures without too much worry of dropping it.
  10. Solar panel - battery pack was great
  11. Vietnam purse: - but may need different one because of duct tape fix.
  12. Maybe a sleeping sack in addition to sleeping bags?  The bags were so hot sometimes.

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