RIDE C2C LS Day 12: Devils Tower, WY to Spearfish, SD - we cross the border!

Aug 13, 2019

RIDE C2C L2 Day 12: Devils Tower, WY to Spearfish SD

Miles: 62

MEPS: 539

Elevation Gain: 3,333.3 feet (what are the chances of that?)

Word of the Day:  Expansive

Wyoming continued to surprise us with its beauty!  As Doug was making coffee, I had to take pictures of Devils Tower as it changed in the morning light.

On the road by 6:40am because we knew we had many miles ahead with some climbing to come.  We started climbing right out of the Devils Tower valley with spectacular views over lush picturesque farms and rolling green valleys below us.  We heard that the lush green is unusual - normally golden brown by now, but it’s been extra rainy over the summer.

Looking behind us after a long steady climb, we see Devils Tower in the distance.  

Then looking ahead - more long steady climbs through rolling, expansive, green hills.

Our 9 mile snack stop in Hulett- a cute 1 street “western” town.  From Hulett we turned east and a steady climb until we bombed down to the non-existent town of Alva where we stopped for a snack on the side of the road.

Then back to a 5% climb to the pass at Bear Lodge Mountains.  A good downhill grade to the 1 Store stop at Aladdin (Gatorade, cans of fruit, and peanut nougat bar) and still downhill until the border of South Dakota.  The scenery is just stunning all around us.


Greeted by the ladies of Hwy 24 who jogged to the fence to welcome us, these cows were particularly interested in us. 

We imagined that this part of Wyoming would be hot, rocky, dry.  It has been unseasonably wet - that sure makes it beautifully green!

Another snack stop...we eat a LOT when we ride...but the food options along the way can sometimes be limited.  We make it work.  One store town, Aladdin.


Woo Hoo!  South Dakota! At 41 miles. 

Our next intersection was at Belle Fourche at about 50 miles where we turned south - on a four-lane divided highway with a good shoulder, but fairly unpleasant riding.  It was HOT, we were both wilting and hoping for Spearfish.  SO HAPPY that, because of Sturgis and too many motorcycles at the City Park, we decided to stay at the Black Hills Best Western which was perfect. 


We took heavy naps in our comfy room while it poured rain outside, then set out to go to the local bike store “Two-Wheeler Dealers”, do some laundry, get groceries, and find dinner.  The guy at Two Wheeler Dealer was super helpful and showed us a better road to take on tomorrow’s ride to skip a steep highway climb - that sounded pretty good, even if part of the side road was dirt.  Dinner at Killian’s was delicious - Doug had 1/2 rack lamb, I had a pork chop with pesto and feta.  With bellies full and tired legs, we walked the mile back to our hotel and even watched a little TV before bed - but too many commercials made us give up and read books instead.



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