RIDE C2C L2 DAY 15 - Rest Day in Hill City

Aug 15, 2019


Miles: 0

Word of the Day:  Rest in Hill City


A rest day is all about ...

Sleeping in (til about 6:30 instead of getting up at 5am), 

Walking in to town for breakfast

Strolling the shops along the Main Street

Visiting the railroad museum

Buying provisions (the weather tomorrow looked like rain/thunder showers, cooler temps - so we purchased gloves, beanies, and a long sleeve shirt for Doug)

Visiting the Dinosaur museum

Catching up on journaling

Hanging out at our tent, by the creek, and chatting with Gary the groundskeeper.  Gary is a hard working, mid-western, man who had a career in the meat industry and seemed to know everything about beef and is now “retired” as the camp groundskeeper.  Gary needs to come out west to see the Redwoods!

Having a sip of whiskey in classy plastic cups at the biker bar “Mangy Moose”

Notice the “flight” of deviled eggs...


Dinner at the “Alpine Inn” - everyone told us we should go.  They have one thing on the menu: Sirloin Steak either “small 6oz” $11.95 or “large 10oz” and they came with a 1/4 head of iceberg lettuce with salad dressing.The food was delicious (I broke all the rules at the end and had dessert of bread pudding with ice cream - it was delicious).  We sat next to a couple who was celebrating her birthday - got to chatting about life stories and each of our children.  Such nice conversation!


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