6/30/17 Ride C2C Day 13 Sandpoint (Idaho) to Two Rivers Campground (Montana)

Jul 01, 2017

6/30/17 Day 13. Sandpoint, Idaho to Two Rivers RV park, Montana
Miles:  47.9 Total Miles: 623.2

Elevation Gain:  1594  Total Elevation: 23,457.3

Time to roll - busy highway, quiet backroads, 2 surprising bakeries, and back to camping.

We ate our scratch baked muffins and bid farewell to Sheldon at the K2Motel and were on the road again at about 8:10 am. Riding out of Sandpoint was not so fun - we were on HWY 200 with a narrow shoulder and heavy traffic. Eventually the traffic lightened up a little and we followed the shoreline of Lake Pend Oreille. It’s a BIG lake!

Shore of Lake Pend Oreille

We stopped at a Geologic Information site (you know, one of those road signs you never stop at, but since we are TOURING we get to  stop) We ate an apple and read about the 2,000 foot thigh glaciers that covered and carved the area.

We were able to leave the highway for a peaceful side road where we stopped for a snack with our perch above the highway and lake. At the town of Hope we were able to continue on our side road only thinking we were lost once. We weren’t.

Lunch time at the surprisingly good bakery/deli store in Clark Fork for sandwiches and we picked up food for dinner (frozen steaks - will this work?) at the store next door.

Off on a side road again through more beautiful territory - getting into some hills, rolling farmland, and forests.

We think we are getting close to Montana and figure we crossed the state line when the road changed from paved to gravel. Bumpy dusty gravel. Only for about 5 miles - then we rejoined the highway for a tailwind enhanced cruise to our camp spot at “Two Rivers RV”. The good thing about RV camps is...showers.

Took a walk down to the river and went for a wade into the water, but the camp host warned us not to go swimming because the river was running too high and there were some challenging currents. Kicking back enjoying the afternoon.


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