Ride C2C Day 12. Sandpoint Idaho rest day

Jul 01, 2017

6/29/17. Day 12. Sandpoint Idaho rest day
Miles: Ride about town

Today was a relaxing day of a few errands and simply enjoying Sandpoint Idaho. It’s a sweet town with plenty of good eateries, a great beach, and cool vibe.  There's a bunch of pictures at the end...

Here’s what we did yesterday:

1. Lunch at Loaf & Ladle - delicious soups (butternut squash/mushroom; curried carrot bisque) & salads plus a house-made sangria. AHHH!
2. Found mountain store to buy new camp stove.

3. Walked down an alley with art by high school students - some talent!
4. Saw cool dogs with hats and shades at the Farmer’s Market in the triangle park
5. Ducked into our room just in time to miss the thunder showers. It poured!
6. Dinner at awesome pub with posh food - curried clams & elk burger (it was good, but not great).

Keep going to see the pictures..

Here’s what we did today:
1. Laundry - next door at the Wash-O-Mat
2. Greasy Fingers Bike Store - check our tires’ air pressure (they are good). Any cool jerseys? No.
3. Big 5 - 2 tech shirts for Doug so he can mail home his others that were too heavy.
4. Coffee at a cute cafe. Sat outside and caught up on writing. :-)
5. Doug goes to play mini-horn at the music conservatory - they have a free practice room for him.
6. Lunch at Di Luna's - superb soup and salads.
7. Post Office - mail home rain booties, extra socks, Doug’s jerseys
8. BEACH! Sandy beach and swim, watched the middle school kids be goofy, ate snow cones
Massage for Robin @ Longevity Medical Massage. Kate did a nice job - feel much looser!
9. “Sandpoint Sampler” - bought tickets for their event (like “bite of Bellingham”) and had ribs, coleslaw, and beer. But that was just our appetizer.
10. Had an Italian dinner overlooking the water inlet. Relaxing and fun

House made sangria

In alley with High School student art

Cool dogs with hats and shades

Thunder & Showers!

Mini -horn rocks the conservatory

Sandpoint Idaho beach time Sandpoint Sampler & live music!


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