Ride C2C #4 - Day 24 Williamsburg tourist day

Jul 19, 2023

 Date: 7/16/23
Day: 24
Route: Williamsburg Tourist Day
Miles:  0

Today is a tourist day to explore the “colonial Williamsburg” on foot and by shuttle.

We start out with a hearty breakfast buffet at our hotel (Williamsburg Lodge).  I opt for the omelette bar and it was delish!  We hop the free shuttle to start at the Visitors Center thinking that we had to get the “sticker” of the day.  But no, our passes are good for all.  There isn’t really much at the very large visitor center, but we watch most of the “introductory” movie with a recreation of a family in Williamsburg in the late 1700s.

We then walk the path to the Governors Mansion and arrive just in time for a look around the grounds and a tour.  

This is the entry gate for the mansion - notice the unicorn on the right! 

This was the kitchen house showing foods made from the late 1700s cooked from everything grown on site.

The entry hall of the Governors Mansion was meant to intimidate. This is where his visitors would wait for an audience with the Gov.

 The beds all seem short… back on the Thomas Jefferson tour they did mention that many tall people slept half-sitting up

Next is the courthouse for the “Order of the Court” where Doug and I got to play roles in the proceedings.  He was a justice and I was Jane Boyer, tavern owner, who had to pay a fine in order to keep my license as I had allowied mis-conduct in my establishment.   

All of the court cases were from actual cases in the late 1700s.


There are times of the day where you can “talk with a patriot” and we found George & Martha Washington… and had a superb discussion with him about how he went from surveyor to military (he knew one of the Lords) to public service.  The back and forth between Mrs. & Mr. Washington was wonderful.

 Next we came upon Patrick Henry. Mr. Henry gave a long discourse on why he was against the constitution and for each colony ruling itself, that Madison was just Jefferson’s puppet, Hamilton was a threat to individual freedom, and that WHY would we want governance shared with the other colonies with whom we share nothing in common 

— Northern colonies with Scandinavian, Netherlands, boats & fishing

— Central colonies with Dutch, German manufacturing

— Southern colonies who are more agricultural with the French & British.

He was wary about the British (after all, he was a descendent from 6 generations of American), in support of an American navy, but not a standing army.

Wonderfully done “history in action” and really the highlight of our time in Williamsburg.

It is starting to rain and we are thinking about lunch.

We dive into the King’s Arms just in time - it is POURING outside and we are nice and toasty inside… 

While serenaded …

 All the recipes served here were from the late 1700s - doug had a bowl of tomato herb soup and I had a chicken stew over “trenchers” (kind of stale bread) - and it was delicious!

 We were done with lunch but the rain wasn’t over yet.  We ducked into a silversmith shop where we were held hostage by FLASH - KA-BOOM! - thunder and lightening right over head and pouring rain!  So of course I had to look at the jewelry (and buy this bracelet).

 The storm passed and we walked on to the Capitol for a quick tour.  The capitol is now in Richmond, but this building was used for about 100 years.



  We decide to take the shuttle over to the museum for a look before they close at 5pm


 Doug spied 2 things he loved - the beautiful engraved bell of the French horn (above)

and later, allllllll the tartan at a shop in town as we were on the way to dinner.

We went for a walk after dinner and thought this was a beautiful view of the Williamsburg Inn.





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