Is it the promised land? 5 Biggest Lessons with Total Knee Replacement

May 12, 2018

Recovery... So Fast!  So Slow! But now I'm on the GO!

Here it is, 6 months later and I'd say it ...

IT IS the promised land:

  • No PAIN in my knee joint.  ZERO.  I do have an annoying mechanical click, but its just annoying.
  • 0- 125 Degrees  Range of Motion.  I have a little soreness still from continuing to work the range of motion - I'm shooting for for 135 degrees.  BEFORE surgery I had 113 degrees - so I am better off for sure!
  • Return to Athletics:  Strength Training (just set a new PR for deadlift - 105 lbs! - check out the video, below) and Cycling - max ride so far 3 hours.

Robin's Deadlift PR! from BTTC & Healthy Knees on Vimeo.


I love my new knee!  Remember, I have a "custom" knee (from ConforMIS) and it is performing super well, my body has recovered from the trauma of surgery, and I'm continuing to gain strength and stamina.  I was seriously afraid of this surgery...that I might be worse off rather than better off.  I'm happy to say that the result is better...much better!

Here are my 5 Biggest Lessons of Total Knee Replacement:

  1. PREPARE - treat your surgery date as an athletic event and work with a Personal Trainer to get you in the best possible shape prior to your surgery.  You will recover much faster because you are not so concerned with building muscle (you already have it!)
  2. RECOVER - take it easy after your surgery.  A knee replacement is a traumatic event. Pushing too hard too soon will set you back.  Work on inflammation reduction and range of motion first while your tissues are healing.
  3. DON'T QUIT - I read a statistic that said most people quit doing their Physical Therapy when they are about 80% recovered - because you feel good.  Don't stop there!  Keep doing the work to give your knee and your body the best possible chance for strength and function.
  4. BE CONSISTENT - Use this plan and it will work!  2X/week strength training and 2X/week cycling.  You can't "save up" the benefits of exercise - you need to keep consistent and stick with it.
  5. LISTEN TO YOUR KNEE -There is a difference between tension, muscle fatigue, and joint pain.  No pain = more gain!  When your knee yelps at you, it is likely time to back off.  Ice, elevate, give your knee some love.


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