If you fear knee pain, read this

Oct 09, 2020

Does this sound like you?

When you fear knee pain, you probably back off of your activities.  

> And when you back off of your activities, you become more sedentary.

>> When you become more sedentary

>>>You may gain weight 

>>>>When you gain weight, your knees hurt more

This is known as the Spiral of Pain

When you move less,

You lose muscle (which slows your metabolism)

Then you gain weight,

Your knees hurt more because you've lost strength and added pressure (weight).

And on an on until you are left with rusty hinges for knees and despair with what you can do about it.

I totally get it, I’ve been there myself many times in my long and sordid history of 12 knee surgeries.

If you are tired of suffering...

YOU CAN improve your knee health.  To develop this program for you, I’ve researched knees, written 3 books and launched the Healthy Knees programs here at our Club - and tested and tweaked the program to develop the right combination of exercises that truly give results.  It has worked for me (I’m now stronger than I’ve ever been) and I know it can help you too.

The GOOD NEWS for you is that I'm putting together an hour-long Healthy Knees Master Class (live & FREE) that will launch in a few weeks - this is where you’ll learn how to take back control of your knees and fully describe the 3 secrets to great knee health.

If you’d like to get on the VIP list for the Master Class and GET first dibs at times and dates...just click this link. 

 You’ll have first choice of days and times to take the class!

~Coach Robin

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