FREE Healthy Knees 5 Week Mini Workshop (it’s about more than just your knees) Week #4 – Where is your leg in space? Glute Min & Med

May 22, 2019


Thanks for joining me in Week #4 - all about the gluteus minimus and medius. The what?? These are your "side butt" muscles that control where your leg is in space.

Week #4 - Your side butt muscles - the Gluteus Minimus & Medius

These are probably the most overlooked muscles for knee health. In the video I will show you how you can test your own glute min and med for weakness. EVEN IF you don't show signs, you should still do these exercises to strengthen - because these two lesser known muscles help control STABILTY. Check it out now.. .

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Wishing you Healthy & Happy Knees,
Coach Robin

PS - Next week is our final week #5 in this mini series...all about your CORE


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