FREE Healthy Knees 5 Week Mini Workshop (it's about more than just your knees) Week #1 - Engage your foot, ankle, calf

May 01, 2019

Welcome to the Healthy Knees Coach 5 Week Mini- Workshop where each week we will focus on a specific part of your body to improve your knee health. Your knee is not a stand-alone piece of your body, but part of the chain - the kinetic chain - with links starting at your foot going on up to your back. We'll start at the start with our toes...

WEEK #1 - Engage your Foot, Ankle, and Calf

The video, below, shows how to strengthen your foot so that your very base for your body is more stable. More stable at the base means less wobbly up the chain! Think of a wobbly table that has a leg out of alignment - now compare that to yourself.

There are 3 exercises for you in this video:
1) Foot Grippers
2) Ankle Alphabet
3) Calf Raises that you can do anywhere
PLUS a balance challenge...

Let me know if you have any questions!

 Want more information?

Get more help from my book! Healthy Knees Cycling is chock full of information about cycling and strength training to reduce knee pain and improve your knee health. My best recommendations to reduce pain and get stronger are all in this easy to read book.

Wishing you Healthy & Happy Knees,

Coach Robin

Stay Tuned for next weeks addition...your powerhouse...the quads


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