The TRUTH about Fixing Your knees

Oct 06, 2022

Want to Fix your Knees?

There is a LOT of mis-information out there and today I uncover the truth about quick fixes, injections, and supplements.

Learn how these fixes Do or Don't work and the reality of how to fix your knees.

Watch Episode 40 here: 

In this video I mention my upcoming ONLINE "3 Secrets to Save Your Knees" Workshop - you can sign up for it right here: 

Save your seat! It's the best $27 dollars you'll spend on your knees.

I'll share the secrets that I have distilled from years of experience, research of the newest studies, and the best of the best from my 3 Healthy Knees Books.

~See you in the Workshop!


P.S. If you are viewing this video AFTER the Live Workshop events, don't despair! For a limited time, you can still access the replay so you can gain the information to help your knees feel better.


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To your Healthy and Happy Knees