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Mar 29, 2018

I had the chance to talk with Indoor Cycle Instructor (ICI/PRO) owner Joey Stabile about our performance cycling program called "Cycle Moles."

We've offered the Cycle Moles cycling performance program since 2008 (listen to the podcast here!  Find out why the goofy name) and in the first years we experimented with length - from 6 weeks to 15 weeks - in order to see the best results.  And by results I mean not only the GAINS by our "Moles," but also consistency of participation.  6 weeks was not quite long enough; 15 weeks was a little too long.

We have found that an 8 week camp with 2X/week classes is the winner!  This allows us to offer the camps 6 times in a year with a different focus for each session.  We treat the first week of camp as if it is a "recovery" week (for those who sign up for all of the camps) and always focus on cycling foundations and fundamentals for the first 2 weeks (that helps the newbie cyclist as well).  This includes attention to body position, focus on pedal stroke, pedal speed efficiencies, single leg work, breathing techniques, and practice for standing skills.  We bring years of outdoor coaching experience to the indoor cyclist - whether or not they ever intend on riding outside.  They love it!  And feel like a competitive athlete.

We also include an in-class Heart Rate and Power Threshold Assessment - this kind of an assessment would normally cost $150 on its own! From this assessment, each Mole gets their unique Heart Rate and Watts Power Zones printed on a card they can use in class.  Comparing this assessment from camp to camp is how we KNOW that our Moles make significant gains in strength (power) and heart rate efficiency.

Even though we focus on foundations in the first 2 weeks, it is all part of the 8 week progression - workouts getting harder every week with higher intensities and shorter rest intervals.  Each 8 week session has a particular theme (such as aerobic base building; power building, or aerobic/anaerobic stamina).  By the end of the 8 weeks our Moles are riding harder and feeling better with more power and stamina than they ever thought they could.

We offer 2 levels of Cycle Moles:  Level 1 is 55 minutes on the bike + 5 minutes stretching.  Level 2 is 75-85 minutes on the bike + CORE 100 (100 core exercises) and stretching.

By the way, our Healthy Knees Cycling programs are designed on similar parameters: an 8 week camp with 2X per week classes, a focus on fundamentals in the first 2 weeks with 6 weeks to build  strength and stamina with a knee-friendly progression.  Our Healthy Knees Level 1 program is a tested, tried and true program that starts with 30 minutes on the bike and grows to 40 minutes over the 8 weeks.  Our Healthy Knees Level 2 program is 45 minutes on the bike plus 15 minutes of CORE 100 and stretching.  We are so sure that participants will have positive results that we offer a money back guarantee.  

Both the Healthy Knees and Cycle Moles programs start with a one-on-one private session with each participant for an interview (covering injuries, health concerns, goals) and personalized bike fit.

If you have any questions about either of these programs, please ask!  Just leave a comment below so I can share the answers with everyone.  Thanks!


Robin Robertson
Chief Executive Mole
Bellingham Training & Tennis Club
800 McKenzie Ave.  Bellingham, WA 98225
360-733-5050  [email protected]


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