C2C Leg#3 Day 13 McKittrick to Stanton/Meramec Caves - the hardest 3 miles ever

Jul 09, 2021

Day 13: McKittrick to Stanton KOA
Miles: 58
Total Miles: 660.5
MyZone MEPs: 938

We packed up with the intention of leaving right after breakfast at 6:30 - but we got talking with Joey, Rich, and James (two other old guy friends of Joey who owns the B&B) and so we didn’t depart until 8am.  Breakfast was served in an old merchantile building from late 1800’s where Joey used to run a restaurant - but now looks like a big storage/garage sale... except for the lovely table set for breakfast.

Katy Trail 27 miles today... riding side by side and you guessed it... resuming my history lesson with Professor Robertson.  Picking up with WW1 and finishing WW2 just as we get to Dutzow, the exit from the Katy Trail for us.  

During my history lesson, I took a few photos of the Katy Trail...

We rode over many cool bridges over the muddy creeks and rivers

During our rest stop, we spied a giant ear of corn...

Thankfully riding in shade for the morning...


Dutzow is our exit from the Katy Trail.

Stopped in Dutzow for apples and chatted with Ross, a retired pastor now teaching at community college with a story parallel to Doug’s - long career, not ready to fully retire, wanting to give to the community.  He was heading to Oregon and traveling very light on his bike.

Immediately in Dutzow, we are on very busy 4 lane city roads to Washington bike store to get a new tube and socks to replace the ones the raccoons stole.


 Next door was “Smoothie King” a great 32 oz power protein smoothie helps to cool us down.  A nice woman asked about our journey then warned that a thunder storm with high winds was coming.  We called the KOA and were able to switch from a tent site to a cabin, just in case.

Just out of the town of Washington, we see their water towers...hahahahah  HOT & COLD

We made the mistake of hitting the road after this big sack of smoothie was in or bellies and the next 15 miles on a busy highway (with a big shoulder) was all long bottom gear rolling hills, hot, loud, and not fun.

  It seemed like we were going more up than down.  We pulled off for shade under a tree in some grass in someone’s yard.  I’m starting to worry about heat exhaustion for both of us.

We finally get to St. Claire where we stock up at a grocery store.  Both of us are feeling the heat- its 2pm- drink more Gatorade, have a big knot in our bellies.

We move off the busy highway 47 to old Route 66 - less traffic, taller rolling hills, hotter in the afternoon.

 It’s only 10 miles, but it seems like a very long 10.  At 7 miles Doug is really dragging so we stop for some shade.  He’s not feeling well and again, I’m worried about heat exhaustion.  I wet my red handkerchief to put on his head to try to cool him down.  

We take a good 15 minute rest, drink more Gatorade, and drag ourselves the final 3 miles to the ... grocery store with cold drinks and air conditioning.  It’s 98.7 degrees outside...

 It’s a godsend.  Then the half mile to the campground where we switched to a cabin that is blissfully airconditioned.

Shower, swim in the outdoor pool, bring the body temps down.  We are both feeling better. We play cribbage, eat chips and salty beef Jersey, drink beer/wine, make dinner - chicken in bbq sauce with Caesar salad. And its an early night.

Then, about 1am, the storm hit - howling winds, thunder, lightning, driving rain.  We are so glad to be in our cozy cabin. 


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