C2C Leg#3 Day 12 Hartsburg to McKittrick/Herman- a 50 mile American History Lesson

Jul 08, 2021


Day 12 Hartsburg to McKittrick/Hermann
Miles: 54
Total Miles: 602.2
MYZone MEPs: 762

Hartsville, 6am wake up with a glorious breakfast at 6:30am.


 We got chatting with Leah and Mark and before we knew it


it was 9:00 am and we were getting a very late start.

But no biggie, today was 54 miles on the Katy Trail - flat, mostly shaded, easy going.

The clouds kept us cool until past noon

Cruise by small hamlets

Talk with Mennonite couple on E-bikes (not what you’d expect) who were so excited to ride.  She had on a long sleeve dress, he wore button up shirt and slacks.  You don’t see that everyday on a bike!

Stop for lunch in Mokane at the Muddy Bottoms Bar


Chat with bike tourists from Indiana who are travelling via B&B (not camping)

Since we are on the Katy trail, we are not worrying about cars, traffic, or turns.  We can ride side by side instead of single file and it is easier to carry on a conversation. And then I asked Doug about the war of 1812....ooooh boy. My children will know exactly what I am talking about, but  I should have known that this kind of question to Professor Robertson is going to blossom into an entire American history lesson lasting hours & hours.  After every rest break Doug started with “And then...” 

(Picture of one of many small, muddy bank rivers that we pass over.  It’s so different than our rocky edge rivers at home)

Actually, I make sport of it, but Doug’s masterful understanding of history and how it influenced politics, cultural change, and economics is quite amazing. 

This is a picture of the Big Mo (Missouri River) that we catch a glimpse of from time to time along the Katy Trail.

This long-winded history lesson did 2 things - 1) passed the hours of what felt like a “trainer”  ride spinning at 90 rpm forever and 2) kept him talking so he couldn’t go too fast.  

Oh - and I learned again the nuances of the war of 1812, the industrial revolution, the civil war, the booms and busts, and World War I.  I have a feeling that history of World War II starts tomorrow.

My energy is lagging...it is hot and we stop at a cute store/restaurant for a cold drink.

Sooner than we knew it (after a flat tire repair 5 miles away), we were in McKittick and checking in to the adorable “Joey’s Birdhouse” B&B.

 Joey made us feel right at home and

even offered us a ride to the grocery store and into Hermann for dinner.

Hermann is one of the rehabilitated small towns where tourism is working.  We were wondering what that magic combination is for the tipping point between ghost town and thriving tourist town.  Cool County courthouse (privately paid for),

dinner at Wings A’blazing, walk around town, and a Sample Tasting of Rye/Bourbon/Wildflower Special Distilled/Vodka at Fernweh Distillery.


Great walk about town, back to B&B via Uber driver.

You know you are in a German town when there is a sausage vending machine...


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