How to Save Your Knee while dismounting your bike with clip-in pedals

Apr 28, 2021

If you are worried about clip-in bike pedals and your knees, this video is for you!

Why do you want to use clip in pedals?

I love using clip-in pedals (where your shoe is attached to your bike pedal similar to how a ski boot is attached to a ski) because of 2 things:

  1. You can work more leg muscles.  Being attached to the pedal allows you to do more than just pushing down, you can engage on the other three parts of the pedal stroke with the bottom stroke, upstroke (lifting up on the backside of the pedal circle - engages your hip flexors and hamstrings), and topstroke.  All of this adds up to more power into your pedals.
  2. Bike Shoes with Cleats help your feet.  Bike shoes have a very stiff-unbending sole and this helps support your foot more and get more power to the pedal. When you wear a regular athletic shoe, it is made to flex at the ball of the foot.  This repeated flexing can tire your feet and actually loses some power to the pedals.

BUT How do you use cleats when you have a sore knee - don't you have to twist your knee to release the pedal? 

When you are just starting to use clip-in pedals, practicing while on a stationary bike will give you the confidence that you can do it on the road.

Typically it takes a "flick" of the heel (and maybe a little twist at the knee joint) to release your shoe from the pedals.

But I found another way that uses much less heel flick and knee twist - watch the video to see how.   

First, release the shoe of your "good knee" side and swing that leg to the opposite side of the bike and stand while your other "sore knee" foot is still attached to the pedal. Then using your hip and body, rotate your whole leg so that it releases your shoe with no twist through the knee.  Voila!  Your foot is free.

Please leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have any other questions!

~Coach Robin

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