Adjust your bike helmet like a pro

Apr 16, 2021

Now that the weather is turning nicer, I see so many people riding bikes outside.  Love it!

But what I DON'T love, is seeing a helmet worn wrong.

Why does this bother me?

Because a helmet cannot do its job of protecting your brain if it is not adjusted properly.  The last thing you want if you crash is your helmet sliding around on your head and potentially adding to your injury instead of protecting you from it.

So I shot this quick video on how to properly adjust your helmet,

In general, here are the steps:

1. Position the helmet so it covers your forehead

2. Tighten the helmet "cap" on your head with the dial in the back (if you have one) so that the helmet is snug and won't slide around.

3. Adjust the helmet straps so that the clasp is adjusted right under your ear lobe.

4. Adjust the chin strap so you have 1 - 2 fingers of space between your chin and your strap.

5.  Tuck in your strap ends so they stay neat and don't flap around.

Not all helmets are the same - and you may or may not have all the adjustment points I just talked about.

Please make a comment below if you have any questions.

Happy Riding!

~Coach Robin




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