Week 7 Post-Op: A glimpse of the promised land

Dec 31, 2017

7 Weeks Post-OP - Is THIS the promised land?

We all hear that party line - "6 weeks recovery" - but how recovered are you at 6 weeks and what happens next?

Of course this will vary from person to person and depend on how fit you were before surgery as well.  I think it is safe to say that the major pain from the surgery has passed, but the healing pain and threat of swelling lingers.  I will say that at 7 weeks, I am not fully recovered, and am actually quite a long ways away.  HOWEVER, keep reading to find out about my glimpse into the promised land of no knee pain!

Below, I share my feelings and what the doctor and physical therapist say about "recovery" - they are different!  Plus I share with you the
5 minute "Healthy Knees Stretch & Balance" routine that I do every day.

Of course you can take more time with the routine than just 5 minutes.

But I'll just tell you that my doctor said that I should expect to be at normal levels of activity by 12 weeks; my PT said I will  be lucky to be ready for "LEG 2 C2C" bike adventure this summer (click the link to read about this adventure!).  DOH!  I have a LOT of work to do and the key remains to do it all in the right dose:  not too little, not too much.

THEN, on day #51 after my surgery, NO PAIN and a GLIMPSE at the Promised Land!

I went for a walk on an uneven forest trails and logging roads that for all of my adult life have caused me pain on every step.
Yesterday, 51 days

after my knee replacement surgery, I had NO PAIN. That was a life changing moment!

I was brought to tears of joy - really not believing that "no pain" could ever be true for me.  Having been born with a congenital condition in both my knees, I have always had some amount of knee pain or discomfort.  Having NO KNEE PAIN was liberating in a way I never could have imagined.

I hope that you can find this level of freedom with your knees too - and I am so happy to help you get there.

Thank you #ConforMIS (maker of my custom knee)and Dr. Michael Alan Thorpe, you have given me new life!

All the best to you!

Happy New Year!



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