4 Elements to Improve your Cycling Performance

Dec 27, 2018

Or...How to train for STP, RSVP, charity rides, adventure touring...and more!


If you are like me, you like riding your bike...maybe its road biking, mountain biking, adventure touring, commuting, or just plain ol' getting your groceries by bike. That's all me, pretty much any way I can ride.

But sometimes you want the power to go fast, hard, and long...and you end up lacking. How do you train better for that? Maybe you want to do a charity ride, or in the Northwest that could be the Tour de Whatcom, Chuckanut Century, Around Mt. Hood (pictured below), Seattle to Portland (STP), Ride Seattle to Vancouver (RSVP), or the Vancouver to Whistler ride. But you are scared of the miles or of being left behind.

Worry no more! Training with a plan will put you at the head of the pack.

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How you prepare will determine how FUN it is in the end. Sure, I used to race too - and that was not exactly in the "fun" category. I've moved on and again, if you are like me, you want to ENJOY your time on a bike. A challenge is GOOD and being prepared for it is even better.

I thought you'd like to see this webinar on 4 simple elements to improve your cycling performance. These 4 elements can totally change how you train so that the miles come easier and faster.

You'll learn the secrets to bike fit for the most comfortable ride, elements of technique that make you more efficient, why you want to train with heart rate and power, and the elements of creating a cycling training plan.


~ Coach Robin

PS - This short 15 minute video gives you the tips to train smarter for any of your rides. Watch it now!


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