Healthy Knees <ONLINE> Workshop

The 3 Secrets to Reducing Knee Pain & Making Your Knees Stronger So You Can Move with Confidence

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Held at the Bellingham Training & Tennis Club, 800 McKenzie Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225

In this 60-Minute Workshop



The Spiral Risk of Untreated Knee Pain

Your knee started to hurt.  So you backed off exercise.  Then maybe you gained weight.  Then your knee hurts more... and this spiral just keeps getting worse.  We show you how your knee works and how to stop this spiral of pain.


Secret #1: Train the Chain - How to Strengthen and Stabilize Your Knees

Do you trust your knees or are you worried that you'll take a mis-step to cause more pain? Your knee strength is about more than just your knee.  You'll learn the 4 elements you must include to strengthen and stabilize your knees.  Then the small things - like climbing or descending stairs - will trouble you no more.


Secret #2: Motion is Lotion -The Kind of Movement That Soothes Your Knees

Does your knee feel like a rusty old hinge?  Are you afraid that moving it too much will make it hurt more?  We'll explain why you want to move your knee, exactly what kind of movement helps the most, and how to do it correctly. 


Secret #3: The Secret Sauce - the 3 Essential Elements You Need To Take Control of Your Knee Health

You can help your knees feel better.  Learn the 3 elements that are essential to set yourself up for success.  You might be surprised!

"Through the Healthy Knees program, my knees felt so good that I cancelled my knee replacement surgery."

Djuna H.
Healthy Knees Strength & Cycle Graduate

Are Your Knees Holding You Back from Doing the Things You Love?

You shouldn't need to worry about  pain on every next step.  You feel frustrated, disheartened, even hopeless and don't know what you CAN do to help your knees.   Living a life with knee pain is no joke.

If this sounds like you...

  • Look at a flight stairs like they are your enemy
  • Worry about getting on and off the floor to play with your kids (or grandkids)
  • Are sitting on the bench instead of going on the walk with your friends or even just doing the shopping
  • Are Contemplating knee surgery (or want to postpone it)
  • Sit on the couch and think...this is it?  This is my life with knee pain?
  • Don't know what activities you Can do that will help (not hurt) your knees...

  I hope you'll join me to learn the keys to take control of your knee health so you can move with freedom again!

"The workout description details were excellent and helpful
to perform the exercises correctly.
The videos for each week were important, the nutrition information was solid, the motivation video encouraging and the
brief description of each week useful.
The support along the way has been terrific. My knees are in better shape and my heart is in better condition too. "

Tim G.
Healthy Knees Formula Graduate

A Note From The Instructor...

I personally cannot wait to help you reclaim control of your knee health.

I understand what it is like to live with knee pain because I was born with a rare congenital knee condition, have had 12 knee surgeries (with both knee replacements) and understand what it is like to struggle with knee pain.  I know the challenges of recovering from surgery and I understand the path to avoiding surgery when you can.

Yet, through these many surgeries, I was able to stay fit, active, and healthy and want to help YOU do that too. I was able to postpone my ultimate knee replacements by 30 years because of the training I had done. 

Even my orthopedic surgeon said that if it weren’t for cycling and strength training I would have had to have my knees replaced a decade ago.  That got me to thinking that I could help so many others with their pain by following the same kind of training that was so successful for me.  

In addition to my own very practical experience, I used the best research and reached out to other experts to develop our first program, Healthy Knees Strength & Cycle that we launched at my Club in 2015. 

We used this "test kitchen" to refine the program for continually better results from our 100's of clients to continue to offer ONLINE learning with the Healthy Knees Formula in addition to our In-Person Healthy Knees Strength & Cycle Clinic.

I am confident that I can help you reduce - or even eliminate - your knee pain so that you are no longer stuck in the pain spiral and instead can feel confident in your knees and get back to the adventures in life.

I am here to give you HOPE and a path of action.. 

Hope that there is a way to reduce your pain. HOPE that you can improve your mobility.  HOPE that there is a way to get stronger and get back to living a life without fear of knee pain and the Healthy Knees method to get there.  Please join me in the Healthy Knees Workshop so you can learn this life changing information too.